when you get up but forget you have earphones on
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The first thing they do at my university orientation is talk about preferred pronouns and why pronouns matter. Then they went around to EVERYONE and asked them which pronouns they wanted to be referred to as.This is the beginning of a revolution. I hope all schools do this in the future!
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Joan Rivers literally said several times that she hated feminists and feminism what the fuck is Times magazine doing calling her a feminist icon.

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white anon trying to convince me to let racism slide: listen baby gurl soul sista! why did u had to DRAG dat lil yt gurl?? dat white gurl aint didnt do nothin finna bad to u!! u did ha dirty! you shaded her!!! dat aint right! u bringin da nigga race down. dat aint helpin us black folks! we finna only be movin forward as da black race if u finna leave dem white ppl alone SISTAAAA!!!!!

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the only important tweet ive ever made
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Just say NO to straights
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Ugh. I’m so anxious to play Smash Bros. I’m gonna play it for like 2 weeks straight.

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I’ve never broken a bone which just seems too suspicious to me I probably don’t have any bones

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